Newel posts are the anchor posts used at the base and the top of a stair railing. You can find newel posts in many designs, from traditional to modern. Properly chosen newel posts can turn a utilitarian staircase into a beautifully accented, architectural feature as well as enhancing the strength and safety of your stair railings.

There are three types of Newels:

Iron, Turned and Box newels.

Iron newel post is a great stairway part for giving strength to a stairs. Works well in a stairs with wrought iron baluster. If you need an iron stairs then this is the right stair part for your stairway

Turned newels are made of solid wood, which is turned or milled into a decorative profile and will make a grand statement in your stairway.

Box newels are made from hollow wooden boxes with a wooden cap molded at top.

The mounting of a stair post will involve several decisions based on the newel being used.

  • Is the newel a solid newel, or is it hollow?
  • Where will my balusters set either on the tread or on the landing tread, also known as stair nosing?
  • How does the handrail tie into the newel? What hardware is to be used to mount the newel?


UBS developed the patented Sure-Tite™, which has become the most widely used newel post fastener among stair professionals.

With the Sure-Tite™, a newel post can be installed securely in as little as ten minutes. It will not loosen over time and it can be installed directly over any finished floor.

Our fastener is packaged with a 10 3/4" lag bolt, 1 washer, 1 nut and two 1 1/2" plugs (one each oak and maple).

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