Stair Repair

Stair Repair

HSP Houston Stair Parts is a full Stair installer and repair Company, Inspection and Certification.

At Professional Service & Repair we understand the critical aspect of your Stair being operational and meeting the code requirements. We will deliver world class service to have your Stair in the best shape ever in the minimum amount of time.


Many things can go wrong with your stairs. They can squeak , loosen or just need code adjustment and stairwells attached on only one side known as open stairs can even begin to separate from the wall.

To diagnose problems, start with a visual inspection for gaps, and a walking test to feel out any movement (or give) and to identify the location of squeaks. The good news is that most problems are familiar to a competent carpenter. The bad news is that the plaster or paneling (or whatever else covers the underside of the stairs) must be removed in order to reach the problem.

Finding the right replacements

Say you have a broken baluster and you need to find a replacement quick. Searching for a match isn’t that difficult, sometimes all it takes is a quick trip down to a salvage yard to find what you’re looking for. If that isn’t the case, you can always consider ordering a custom-made baluster. You will want to remove a sample baluster and then take it to a mill working firm that specializes in stairways to find the perfect match.

Loosened balusters

A lot of times when a house settles, a once snug handrail and baluster can become loosened. To fix this common problem all you need to do is tighten them by drilling a hole at an angle through each baluster into the handrail, and then screw the baluster to the rail to give it that sturdiness that it once had before. In some cases the baluster may become extremely loose, for this you can tighten it with shims. You will need to tap each one in place with a block and a mallet. When that is done, you will then carefully trim the edges with the use of a utility knife. Finish the edges that show so that they will be in uniform with the rest of the woodwork for a beautiful finish.

To fix the newel

If you have the problem of a loose newel post, you can easily fix this by tightening it up by screwing small angle brackets to the base of the post on both sides and then fixing them to the staircase. To make this repair less conspicuous, you can chisel out a one eighth inch recess for the bracket, and then cover it with wood filler. To finish up the job you will sand it, then paint it the color of your choice or choose a simple stain to make it beautiful.

Replacing a tread

If you have a tread on your staircase that needs replacing, you can look for stock at a lumberyard, and matching the shape and the thickness of a worn or damaged tread as closely as possible. When replacing a tread pine is usually the wood of choice if you are going to cover it with carpet. But if the tread is going to be exposed, the best choice would be to go with oak, and then paint or stain it. Another trick you can try is to see if the tread can be usable by turning it over and using it that way.